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BIO Morinzhi  

BIO Morinzhi is anutritional botanical beverage specially formulated from Morinda citrifolia (Noni) enriched with Roselle.Morinda citrifolia (Noni) has been traditionally used as health drink among the tropical folks. Morinzhi juice is rich in vitamins ,minerals and antioxidants.

About Morinzhi or Noni Juice.

There are some interesting studies on Noni. One biochemist and researcher, Dr. Ralph Heinicke, has spent much of his research time studying an alkaloid called xeronine. This is found in Noni and is also produced by the human body. This element works to allow the body to activate enzymes that regulate and provide structure to proteins. It is an element present in the body that the body cannot live without, but it does not accumulate at high enough levels in the body to be extracted. Noni juice does not contain appreciable amounts of this xeronine alkaloid, but it does contain large amounts of what is a precursor to xeronine called proxeronine. The research done by Dr. Heinicke focuses on the effects of enzymatic reactions that are due specifically to taking Noni juice on an empty stomach. The aim of his research is to show that Noni aids in the process that begins cellular repair.

Much of the best research is being conducted at the University of Hawaii, where researchers are studying the impact of Noni upon cancer diseases. Related research studies are looking at the use of Noni to fight auto-immune diseases, effects of aging, diabetes and other diseases. It has been tested and found to be effective as an antioxidant. A large study involving 15,000 participants was conducted by Dr. Neil Solomon. The test involved taking Noni over a seven month period. An impressive 75% of the study participants reported improvements in their disease conditions and of those persons, 95% saw their subjective improvements occur within three months if they followed the study guidelines for taking Noni daily.

Here are some of Noni juice benefits that arebacked up by recent researches and studies

Reduces Cholesterol and Triglycerides

 Aresearch by University of Illinois College published in the AHA journal revealed that cholesterol and triglycerides were reduced when the smokers were asked to drink Noni juice for a month. An improvement in the blood lipid profiles were observed specifically reduced cholesterol by as much as 22%, triglycerides by as much as 54%, and HDL increased by as much as 16%.

Inhibits Growth of Cancer Cells

A study conducted on mice with lung cancer assubjects, the Noni tree was found to contain a polysaccharide-rich substance, the noni-ppt. This investigation in 2003 concluded that
 Noni tree has an inhibitingproperty for the growth of new cancer in man’s tissues.
A recent study using human subjects by the Tianjin Medical University was similarly conducted and the result was published in The Journal, Chinese Medical Research & Clinical. The study showed an increased adaptive immune system activity by 32% and innate immune system activity by 30%. Noni juice also decreased oxidative stress in the body by 19%.

In December 2001, the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences said that the antioxidant content of Noni juice has reduced the formation of cancer cells in the body. Also, they conducted in invitro set-up and animals as subjects. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York supported the previous findings by showing that the Noni extract exhibits anti-tumor features. Thus, it is believed to reduce or even cure cancer.
Some Other Benefits are :


·         Boosts Energy

·         Prevents Parasitic Infections

·         Use for Healthy Skin and Hair

·          Helps with Digestion 

·         Boosts the Immune System

·         Helps in stomach related problems

·         Helps in overall well being.

·         Helps normalize blood pressure

·         Supports joint health and mobility

·         Offers powerful immuno stimulatory response

·         Helps support proper digestion

·         Supports the female reproductive system

·        Minimizes discomfort due to menstrual cramping

Suggested Dosage = two ( 2 ) tablespoons 
(can be served ice cold mixed with water or taken directly for those who are busy and always on the go.)