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It has been personally supervised that more than 200 people in clinical practice who have been through the gall bladder flush described below. It never encountered problems more than the occasional nausea, assuming that the protocol is followed as mentioned below.


It is estimated that 20% of the world's population will develop gallstones in the gall bladder at some stage in their lives. This figure does not take account of the numerous stones that accumulate in the liver and its ducts, given that the liver produces them in the first place, and then travel down to the gall bladder. I have personally witnessed the removal of gallstones from hundreds of patients - some of them had gall-bladder symptoms but had no positive results from an ultra sound scan. Most, however, did not have any symptoms at all, yet would flush out literally hundreds of stones - no exaggeration! One woman in her 50's had three scans and the radiologists found nothing. She had pains in the gall-bladder region for 20 years. When she did the gall bladder flush she removed 430 stones the first time around, and about 300 the second time!

It is believed by many naturopathic doctors that EVERYONE has gallstones, some less than others, and have validated this many times in clinical practice.

The cleanse that we recommend below takes place within a period of less than 14 hours and can be done at home over the weekend. It is a painless and harmless natural way of removing stones, without requiring invasive procedures such as surgery, laser, etc.


The Gall Bladder cleanser kit helps you clean your lever and Gall Bladder and flushes the stones and other toxic elements. The kit includes all the required elements and a step by step instructions to perform the actions in order to execute this treatment.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is crucially important BEFORE you begin this gall bladder cleanse to have drunk TWO GLASSES of Energized APPLE JUICE which has to be placed on a Bio Power Plate green side for around 10 - 15 mins (packaged juice is just as good as fresh) every day for 10-14 days before the cleanse. This is very important as certain constituents of apple juice (it is believed to be the high pectin levels) SOFTEN the stones and enable them to pass HARMLESSLY through the gall ducts. I have supervised hundreds of such cleanses using exactly this protocol that I am recommending here without one patient suffering any harm whatsoever. But please follow the instructions carefully, and it must be said that you have ultimate responsibility, given that none of you are actual patients of mine.

An alternative to apple juice that is just as effective, is Orthophosphoric acid (75%) - take 30 drops a day for 3-4 days, and gradually increase the dosage to 50 drops daily - continue for 10 days. Each 30 drops contain 390 mg of Orthophosphoric acid.

Take no medications, vitamins or pills that you can do without on the day of the cleanse. They could prevent success. Just ensure that every drink is placed to energize on a Bio Power plate for 10 - 15 mins before the in take.

Eat a NO-FAT breakfast and lunch such as cooked cereal with fruit, fruit juice, brown bread with a little honey (no butter, milk or margarine), baked potato or other vegetables with salt only.

2.00 PM Do NOT drink or eat after 2 o' clock.

6.00 PM Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of ice cold Magnesium Sulphate salt included in the package. Mixing one-tablespoon Magnesium Sulphate salt into 3/4 cup cold water can make this. You may add 1/8 teaspoon of vitamin C powder to improve the taste. You may drink a little water afterwards, or rinse your mouth out.

8.00 PM Repeat the Magnesium Sulphate salt drink as above.

9.45 PM Pour 1/2 cup olive oil and squeeze 1/2 cup Lemon or orange or grapefruit juice into this, with one juice of a whole fresh lemon. Shake or stir hard until the oil and fruit juice mix thoroughly.

Visit the bathroom now, as you will lie down as soon as you take the olive oil mixture.

10.00 PM Drink the olive oil and juice you have mixed. Drinking through a plastic straw helps it go down easier. Drink it standing up, not sitting or lying. You may use a little honey between sips to help it down. Try to drink it as quickly as you can, within 5 minutes.

LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY, ON YOUR RIGHT SIDE! You may fail to get stones out if you don't. The sooner you lie down, the more stones you will get out. Try to keep perfectly still for 20 minutes. You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open, thanks to the Magnesium Sulphate salt. GO TO SLEEP.

NEXT MORNING - upon awakening take another dose of Magnesium Sulphate salt. Drink 3/4 cup of the mixture. You may go back to bed. Don't drink this before 6.00 a.m.

2 HOURS LATER - take you 4th and last dose of Magnesium Sulphate salt. Drink 3/4 cup. You may again go back to bed.

AFTER 2 MORE HOURS - You may eat. Start with fruit juice. Half an hour later eat fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light - salads, steamed vegetables, fruit, juices, etc. By supper you should feel well. There are occasions when you may feel a little unwell for a couple of days, particularly when you have not done a liver flush before the gall bladder cleanse. Sometimes this may be due to stones and debris remaining in the colon and causing irritation and inflammation. Colon hydrotherapy or a good, deep enema can help this problem.

In the morning expect diarrhea. Try to catch the gallstones in a sieve in the toilet pan so that you can see them. If any of you have a camera please take photos and send us a copy for our clinical archives. Most of the stones will be SOFT and green, breaking easily, or even dissolving. All these green stones are as soft as putty thanks to the apple juice, and are mostly made of cholesterol.

A few days after the cleanse, stones from the rear of the liver will have traveled "forward" towards the main bile ducts leaving the liver, and fill the gall bladder again! This is why it is sometimes necessary to do up to 6 cleanses (perhaps one each month) in order to get rid of all the stones. If a cleanse produces no more stones, your liver can be considered to be in excellent condition!

Wish you all well! A clean gall bladder can lead to higher energy levels, alleviation of allergies, flatulence, digestive problems, back pains and more.