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A main problem in healing is the balancing of the energy flows. Usually, this balancing occurs unrecognized as a by-product of other successful treatments. However, healing can be initiated and accelerated by deliberately treating the meridians with the express purpose of balancing. This product provides you an excellent provisioning to exercise and improve your body energy levels.

The Meridian Energy Therapy (MET) makes the Body into a CircuitBoard

A circuit board is a “whole” made up of many parts. Once the parts are properly placed on the circuit board, the entire board functions in a particular way.

The healing devices and MET protocol can be thought of as batteries for the body. When these “batteries” are properly placed on the body, the body becomes a circuit board in so much as the entirety of the body is affected by the localized placements of the devices through the MET protocol.

In essence, the MET uses the body’s nervous system as a circuit board with the magnet’s energies vitalizing all cells along the nerve pathways as the energies travel to a center point or balance point in the body. Where there is balance there is optimal health.

It should be understood that every aspect, every part of the entire body is affected by the MET energies through the body’s nervous system. The nervous system is the “systemic vehicle” for distribution of the MET energies.

The Positive and Negative MET energies attract each other, within the “circuit board” or nervous system and cause each other to travel / mobilize within the body so as to infuse the entire body’s cells with health promoting energy. Raising the membrane potential (zeta potential) of the cells and thereby empowering / fueling / energizing the cells to move beyond their state of low energy metabolic stagnation and dysfunction (caused by illness or trauma) and once again function correctly, engendering a systemic elevation of overall health and granting the body the capacity to overcome disease and dysfunction through the body’s normal healing processes which have been amplified by the MET.

As the MET energies travel to the balance or homeostasis point of the body they “light up” dim sections (the dim sections being the sick or dysfunctional sections) thus energizing and literally rebooting those dim sections back to a correct and optimal functional state.

When the MET is performed for enough time (as in weeks or longer, depending on the issues involved) the body can reach a state of “back to original blueprint” where the cells, tissues, organs and systems return to an original state of optimal functioning.

 The Negative energy alone, although calming, pain resolving, corrective and healing, does not have the capacity to reboot the cells in the same way as the combined Positive and Negative MET energies. Only the combined MET energies cause the body to function like a circuit board where localized magnetic applications on limbs and head function through the nervous system to affect the entire body.

Because the MET uses both negative and positive energies while keeping the negative energy dominant in the body, the stimulative aspects of the positive energy can be utilized while automatically dispelling most of the unwanted aspects of positive energy.

Since there is more Negative energy involved with 3 of the 5 MET points being Negative and only 2 points being positive, the Negative overcomes any unwanted effects from the Positive energy while allowing the positive’s energetic influence to boost and magnify the Negative’s energy profile and capability for optimal physical functioning and resolution of conditions within the body.

 This is also why Systemic Energizing (via Sternum) is important when using the MET or any Circuit therapy, to insure the dominance of Negative energy in the body because maintaining negative energy dominance in the body deactivates potential problems the positive energy can cause while still allowing the unique aspects of positive energy to add to the body’s total energy capacity for resolution of conditions.

The MET also energetically balances (engenders homeostasis) the body, in addition to greatly elevating cellular vitality, through the action of the yin / yang of the positive and negative energies within the MET circuit. This is important because to balance the body on the energy or cellular membrane level of the body will cause ensuing balance of the bio-chemistry and eventual desired changes in physiology.

With continued use, the entire body is brought to a state of balance, first through the energetic influence, or physics, of the magnetic energies involved and subsequently through the effect the physics has on the bio-chemistry and physiology of the body.

A useful method for this is to follow the outline of a meridian (see the Meridian Chart below), with one finger or with several fingers held closely together. Following a meridian in the normal flow direction is strengthening, while tracing in the opposite direction will weaken and sedate the meridian. The results of these tracings may be checked with muscle testing. In order to perform a meridian tracement, pause with your fingers for a moment at the starting-point; then follow the meridian in a quiet, fluent motion. The fingers should be close to the body. They may touch the skin or clothing but do not actually need to touch. It is enough to remain within about 5 cm of the actual course of the meridian.

Start-by energizing your hands. If you are experienced in working with energies you may just do that with your imagination, otherwise shake your hands for about ten seconds and during the actual tracing try to feel or imagine feeling energy streaming out of the tips of your fingers. Related meridians on both sides may be traced simultaneously. In repeated tracings move the hands back to the starting-point in a wide sweep to avoid following the meridian in the reverse direction. At the end of each tracement lightly flick the fingers to remove any accumulated negative energy.

You may trace all the main meridians once or several times daily, or you may concentrate on the meridians most in need of improvement. Important meridians may be traced repeatedly during the day for 20 times or more. The strengthening effect may be increased if after several tracings you do a muscle-tensing exercise, Taking a deep breath while tensing your whole body and then relaxing it during exhalation.

The meridian system allows us to understand why many disease symptoms appear in certain body parts when the originating cause is a weak or inflamed organ in another location. The diagrams show only the surface courses of the meridians; inside the body each one is connected to its associated organ. In this way the deranged energy pattern of an organ is easily transmitted to other body parts along the course of the meridian. Diseases of the ear, migraine and hip problems can now be seen energy-wise to be associated with the gall bladder. Arthritis of the hip, therefore, is often a gall bladder problem, while arthritis of the shoulders may have its cause in the intestines. Gout, affecting the big toes, stems from the liver, while swollen ankles are related to the kidneys. See the enclosed Table of Meridian-Disease Relationships.

Furthermore,each organ-meridian system has a two-hour period of maximum activity, and a period of minimum activity 12 hours later. An inflamed organ is often more painful during its active period, while a weak system should not be stressed during low periods.

According to Chinese teachings, some interesting characteristics are associated with the meridians of the kidneys and liver. Weak kidney meridians are indicated by a lack of will and sexual impulse, and furthermore by negativity, unease, timidity and impatience. In the case of an overactive kidney meridian, on the other hand, the energy level is abnormally high and you cannot stop working.

The liver is similar. A weak meridian shows itself in dizziness, a clumsy walk, easily tiring eyes and a short temper. An overactive liver meridian causes excessive excitability, crying moods and a compulsion to continue working. According to Chinese traditions, the main organs and their meridians are also associated with different emotions. An excessive amount of these emotions can damage the associated organs, while a disease of these organs may, in time, lead to excessive displays of these emotions. Accordingly,anger is associated with the liver; excessive laughter and gayness, but also fright, with the heart; worry and emotional tension with the spleen and pancreas; grief, sorrow and negativity with the lungs; and fear and timidity with weak kidneys.



Meridian with the time of maximum activity

Associated symptoms

Bladder (B) 3-5 p m.

bladder problems, headache, eye diseases, neck and back problems, pain along the back of the leg

Circulation (C) 7-9p.m.

poor circulation, angina, palpitation, diseases of the sexual glands and organs, irritability, pain along the course of the meridian

Conception (Co)

diseases of the urogenital system, hernia, cough, breathing difficulties, breast problems

Gall bladder (G) 11 p.m.-I a.m.

Gall bladder problems, ear diseases, migraine, hip problems, dizziness, pain along the meridian

Gland Meridian (Gd) 9-11 p.m.(Triple Warmer)

diseases of the thyroid and adrenal glands, ear problems, sore throat, abdominal distension, edema, swelling of cheek, pain along the meridian

Governing Meridian (Gv)

spinal problems, mental disorders, fever, nose problems, headaches

Heart (H) 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

heart problems, dryness of the throat, jaundice, pain along the course of the meridian

Kidney(K) 5-7 p.m.

kidney problems, lung problems, dry tongue, lumbago, edema, constipation, diarrhoea, pain and weakness along the course of the meridian

Large Intestine (Li) 5-7 a.m.

abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, sore throat, toothache in the lower gum, nasal discharge and bleeding, pain along the course of the meridian

Liver (Lv) 1-3 a.m.

liver problems, lumbago, vomiting, hernia, urination problems, pain in the lower abdomen and along the course of the meridian

Lung (L) 3-5 a.m.

respiratory diseases, sore throat, cough, common cold, pain in the shoulder and along the meridian

Small Intestine (Si)

1-3 p.m.

pain in the lower abdomen, sore throat, swelling or paralysis of face, deafness, pain along the meridian

Spleen (Sp) 9-11 a.m.

problems of the spleen and pancreas, abdominal distension, jaundice, general weakness and sluggishness, tongue problems, vomiting, pain and swellings along the course of the meridian

Stomach (S) 7-9 a.m.

stomach problems, abdominal pain, distension, edema, vomiting, sore throat, facial paralysis, upper gum toothache, nose bleeding, pain along the meridian