BIO Natural Jade MAT

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Lightis a form of energy that behaves like a wave and also as a stream of particles called photons. Dr. Budwig the famous German doctor who was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize discovered the affinity of the human body with the sun. She found that if the body has the right balance of oils and proteins; it has a magnetic field which attracts the photons in sunlight and thus is open to the healing powers of the sun. The development of monochromatic light sources with single or narrow spectra of wavelengths paved the way for studies, which continue to show that appropriate doses and wavelengths of light are therapeutically beneficial in tissue repair and pain control. Evidence indicates that cells absorb photons and transform their energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the form of energy that cells utilize. The resulting ATP is then used to power metabolic processes; synthesize DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, and other products needed to repair or regenerate cell components; foster mitosis or cell proliferation; and restore homeostasis.


Technical Specifications

High Quality artificial leather.

Convenience of digital controller.

Timer: 1- 8 hrs.

Temperature setting: 0-70C.

220VAC 50/60Hz/ 2.6Kg/1set.



- Tourmaline Stone and Photon Bulb.

- Thermostat & Far infrared heatingsystem inside.

- Safety function: It will be turned offautomatically at the set time.

- Synthetically leather cover & Paddinghollow fiber.



Portable & Easy to carry.

Best for Heat Therapy in winter and ColdTherapy in summer.

Tourmaline ceramics Emits Far Infra Red Rays.

Anion Therapy (Anions are Negative Ions thatimprove your blood circulation, growth).

Increase metabolism and Improve Immunesystem.

Relieves all body pains & tendons




The Mat is in the form of an electric mat.Modern people don’t have enough time to pay Attention to their health. Our products help them to sleep soundly by combining the conventional floor culture of ancestors into the bedroom culture, so this is adequate for modern living space.  Tourmaline and Photon lightpromotes the metabolism. (Negative ion) tourmaline has cell function, activation function for immunity ability, blood purification and autonomy nerves system. Tourmaline can be changed to flesh water to skin that has excellent supplementary effect.  It canmake the five viscera and the six entrails (of gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels) strong. By pushing out body waste material, having good treatment effect against high blood pressure, diabetes, circulating system troubles, heart disease, women's diseases etc.


The far infrared ray is called as Bring uprays, Natural rays, and Heating rays that one of the electromagnetic waves from solar rays, And it is the longest and strongest gating wave. It is known that the proper wave to body and life is 7~14 micron.


There are six effects promote metabolism bygetting transmitting in depth and vibrating composing moles.

1)Heating effect: It can keep the proper bodytemperature.

2)Maturing effect: It can promote the growth

3)Purifying effect: It can supply thenutrition equally inside the body

4)Dry humidity effect: Promoting eliminatesbody waste, evacuation,

5)Counteraction effect: It can keep theproper moisture

6) Resolving effect: It can promote themetabolism and keep the balance of nutrition

by resolving every kind of nutrition.

7) Photon Light provides therapeuticallybeneficial in tissue repair and pain control.

8) Photon Light to repair or regenerate cellcomponents.