Sidr Honey

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Health benefits of Sidr Honey

Our ancestors knew the healing benefits of honey and it is once again becoming a popular natural, alternative medicine. The use of honey as medicine is well documented in Ayurvedic and Yunani medicine.

The Sidr tree has been historically sacred in Yemen and it has been used to promote health and
healing in various ways. Sidr honey is a known anti-biotic and anti-bacterial agent and there are many benefits that can be had from including it into your diet.

Some common medicinal uses for Sidr honey are:

  • Sidr honey is used as a treatment for sinus problems
  • cough and cold
  • sore throat
  • Used as a wound dressing
  • stomach ulcers and other stomach ailments
  • digestive problems
  • Sidr honey is used as an aphrodisiac
  • boosts immune system

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