Skin Jade Mask

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Skin Jade Mask - JDF

If you want to have the face of an empress, apply the Jade Massager on your facial skin. This natural alternative to Botox helps keep skin supple, reduces the look of wrinkles, and restores a youthful appearance for both men and women. It also provides healthy glowing completion for all skin types With small natural jade stones, you can cover both broad and fine-detail areas of face effectively. Not just for beauty, you can also benefit from the cooling jade on eyes and it eases headaches and stress. JDF made from natural Jade, which have been used in ancient time for thousands of years to aid in the prevention of wrinkles, remove toxins from the skin, improve acne, contour and slim the face and much more!. Ancient women have used Jade for centuries as a daily routine to promote youthful skin. The coolness of the jade closes pores and promotes blood circulation, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling. Now you can rediscover this ancient remedy of hand-worked, natural stone to attain those same results by using JDF.


Cold Application

JDF is used to extract toxic waste, remove blood stagnation, promote normal circulation and

metabolic processes of the body, remove black heads, close pores, remove fine lines

/wrinkles /ackne, lift the skin /provide firmness and healthy glowing completion for all

skin types


Hot Application


JDF is used for Sinus pain and pressure.. Place JDF over your forehead, eyes and cheekbones for

15 minutes. The gentle temperature change and help relieve discomfort from sinus pressure and


Instructions for use.

1- Wash your face and neck with your normal cold water. Dry your face completely with a


2- For cold application keep the JDF in the refrigerator below 0 degree centigrade for 15

minutes, and for hot application keep the JDF in the water at 100 degree centigrade for

15 minutes.

3- Keep the JDF on face and neck as per above mentioned picture for 15-20 minute each.

4- Wash the JDF after application with tap water and dry it.

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